Our Story

Zhiiva is a pure, “chemistry-free”, sustainable, and 100% natural skincare serum from the heart of Siberian Taiga forest.

We were tired of watching people spending thousands of dollars on products that are full of toxic chemicals, hurt our skin and the environment, with companies that don’t have a social purpose and don’t care about our planet. We knew that we don’t need all those chemicals to have a healthy, glowing skin as nature has everything our skin needs. We knew that we want to create a product that works and does what it promises. 

So we started a research to find the best sustainable, clean and a 100% organic ingredients provided by nature. After years of research, we found the answer in the heart of Siberian pine forest - Taiga, one of the ecologically purest places on earth. 

We heard about a long-lasting beauty of women from Siberia, which was especially amazing in harsh Siberian climate with extreme cold in winter and extreme heat in summer. We found out that those women had a secret to their beauty, a secret that was only known within the region - a Siberian cedar tree. 

Siberian cedar is commonly called “a king of Siberia” for its amazing healing powers. Cedar resin is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing qualities, and cedar nut oil is known to be one of the most beneficial and luxurious oils in the world for its nutritions and vitamins. Yet since Siberian cedar predominantly grows in Siberia, its amazing potential isn’t fully revealed outside of the region. 

As soon as we tested and saw amazing results, we knew we found what we were looking for. That’s how our company was born. We called our serum Zhiiva [ˈʒiːvə] - the Goddes of life in Slavic mythology. Zhiiva translates as “She, who brings life”. And we are certain that our Zhiiva will bring a new life to your skin.

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