Our Founder

Zhiiva is a pure, “chemistry-free”, sustainable, and 100% natural skincare serum from the heart of Siberian Taiga forest. Our Founder Popstar Polyna


Zhiiva was founded by an international music artist from Siberia - Polyna.

"I was born in a small hidden town in the middle of Siberian Taiga forest. Ever since I was a child, I felt connected with nature. I could spend hours in our forest by my home, collecting pine cones and enjoying our beautiful cedar trees. My family was very nature oriented, it seems like my Dad knew everything there was to know about the healing powers of the forest.

Yet I grew up and began traveling, making new friends and moved to a big city. When I first arrived, I was so excited to try new beauty and skincare products. And that's how my beauty rat-race began... I tried a ton of different creams, serums, moisturizers. Some of them were uber expensive. Yet my skin didn't look so good. And every time I would stop using another expensive cream, it seemed like my skin went through a "withdrawal". I felt I was on a hook to keep using those products yet the result wasn't impressive at all.

As a music artist, I needed to have a great skin, but it felt like I was getting further and further away from my goal. During one of my trips home to Siberia, I shared my frustration with my dad. He laughed and said: “What else did you expect from all those chemicals you keep putting on your face?". That phrase stuck in my mind, and I went through ALL my expensive beauty products reading the ingredient list. None of them were fully natural. NONE! In addition to the toxic chemicals, a lot of brands didn't care about the environment, tested on animals... It was shocking.

Soon I realized that I'm not the only one who is longing for fully natural beauty products. So, I went back to where I started - to my homeland - to seek the perfect all-natural formula that would work for every skin type. And as soon as I found it and started using Zhiiva, my skin improved dramatically. I now receive a lot of compliments and feel fully confident in my own skin. I don't use any other creams or serums, and my skin feels and looks somply amazing. So I decided to share it with the world and help thousands of women improve their skin with all natural and organic Zhiiva."

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