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Why cedar? | Zhiiva Skincare

We get asked this question a lot due to the lack of knowledge about Siberian cedar outside of Siberia. Yet Siberian cedar is considered one of the most beneficial tree for human health. 


The main tree of the Siberian Taiga is involved in many legends. People in Siberia honor cedars, endowing them with human qualities, such as compassion, understanding and mutual assistance. Some people in Siberia believe that cedars could only be found in paradise, and only by chance one of its grains fell to the ground, and the very first cedar grew out of it. That is why the cedar is highly respected by many people in Siberia. And even now the Siberian cedar remains the king of Taiga. Local people call Siberian cedars - the Healer. And it is being used in Siberia for many purposes - all of its parts, to the last needle.


The unique properties of cedar have been known to our ancestors since ancient times. For example, our ancestors knew that milk does not sour for a long time in cedar dishes. There are no moths in a cabinet made of cedar wood. A house made of cedar wood can stay strong for hundreds of years… Although the real treasure of the Siberian cedar is pine nut oil. Rich with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, cedar oil is used both externally internally. Siberian cedar resin is an excellent remedy for the treatment of wounds, ulcers and boils. 


Apart from the amazing benefits for human health, Siberian cedar was a secret to a famous long-lasting beauty of women in Siberia. The climate of Siberia is known to be quite brutal with long, harsh winters and hot dry summers. Yet women in Siberia managed to stay young and beautiful till the old age, due to the usage of Siberian cedar properties. Cedar products helped them to protect their skin from harm caused by the harsh weather in Siberia, to increase skin elasticity, smooth wrinkles, and stimulate regeneration processes, to heal damages and stop inflammation and post-acne.


Siberian cedar forests have the most active release of phytoncides. Phytoncides - are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or “essential oils” given off by treeshave antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities which help plants fight disease. When people breathe in these chemicals, our bodies respond by increasing the number and activity of a type of white blood cell called natural killer cells or NK. These cells kill tumor- and virus-infected cells in our bodies. 


Siberian cedar is a unique plant in all its manifestations, which has a truly amazing effect on the human body proven by many generations. We are proud to share the amazing healing powers of Siberian cedar with the rest of the world and truly believe that everyone will benefit from using Siberian cedar-based products.

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